Personal Chef Romantic Dinner for Two in Detroit Area

Personal Chef Romantic Dinner for Two

Personal Chef Romantic Dinner

Personal Chef Romantic Dinner for a loving couple makes a really special occasion become an exceptional memory for both of you. This wonderful dinner package includes:

  • Starts with a great appetizer 

  • Delicious chicken or pasta entrée

  • Gourmet side dish that satifies

  • Secret salad for the soul

  • Seasoned garlic bread from scratch

  • Sexy sweet dessert you both will love

“Dinner for 2”

Romantic Special is only $325

Call Today and schedule

Ask for a Wine recommendation to purchase when ordering

Rekindle the romance in your marriage and a romantic dinner for two is just what the doctor ordered, as with our busy lifestyles today we as couples are missing the intimacy that we had when we first met.

  • Careers get in the way with projects and deadlines
  • Kids need attention constantly  with sports and school work
  • In-law and parents need more attention and care as they get older
  • Cousin Vinny and Uncle Vito who need help with something in their lives constantly
  • Smart phones that seem to have taken over our lives with the constant pull from social media

We recommend that dinner be a time to disconnect from those devices by the way, as you can control distractions like that by muting and leaving devices in the living room during dinners every night.

Life is busy and we can help you reconnect with that special someone in your life with a relaxing evening that you don’t have to worry about.

So call today and we can help you plan that perfect date night to keep your relationship healthy with the intimacy that this Sicilian Chef can provide. Simply said this romantic dinner is love on a plate, as you will experience when you call us today to schedule your time.

Call us now to schedule your Personal Chef Romantic Dinner for Two at (313) 312-0398.

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