Gourmet Catering Steps Enjoying Detroit’s Catering Choice

Providing Your Gourmet Catering Experience

1. Call us today for a free gourmet catering consultation about your event and you’ll clearly see why we are the right   provider to choose to deliver fine Italian (Sicilian) cuisine at (313) 312-0398 or Email us.

2. During our short but concise consultation, we will insure we have your requirements identified for your event based on budget. We will go over your wants and your concerns about your local catering event so we know the stress points to erase for you so that your event is smooth, successful and joy is your end result. “Your Satisfaction IS Our Business”.

3. We’ll go shopping the morning of your event and gather the finest foods ensuring the highest gourmet catering standards are kept while staying within your event budget and we’ll delivering outstanding gourmet catering results superior to other catering companies.

4. We’ll show up on time to prep and prepare something “Fantastico” for your guests to rave about. We are sure you will “Love Sicilian Style” as others have in our testimonials and also see our 5 Star rating on YELP for gourmet catering. We’ll clean up when finished with the kitchen and bid you a fond “ni viriemu” (Until we meet again in Sicilian). 

Check out these amazing gourmet catering dishes that can hardly be called local catering. This is Italian Cuisine with a Sicilian flare, from our Lavish Lamb, to Sicilian Lamb Chops, to Mario’s Marvelous Manicotti, to The Bada Bing, (a customer favorite) we simply deliver fine Italian cuisine at what can only be defined as gourmet catering.

gourmet catering Lavish Leg of Lamb gourmet catering Sicilian Lamb Chops gourmet catering Mario's Marvelous Manicotti The Bada Bing
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