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So many people have utilized Michaels Taste of Sicily for various events and shown us such great love in the form of testimonials on our site and check out our 5 Star rating on YELP to see what our customers have said about us being their preferred gourmet provider in Detroit.

Even on our social networking sites our customers have shown us such love and we appreciate that and the repeat business is very much appreciated by us at Michael’s Taste of Sicily. It seems our cooking classes are also loved, so schedule today with 3 friends.

The next question we always get from our customers and their guests is how do you make this or that and how do you get such authentic flavors and what spices are in this food as it is sooooo delicious. Ok well I’ll tell you what we starting doing for our customers! Yep teach them Sicilian style cooking!

So we started at first just giving small cooking classes to a few people, but we need a minimum of 4 people in a class to make it feasible and cost effective for us and this class is top notch and fun for all you and your friends and family.

Now we started with just cooking classes and people love them and typically they turn into really neat parties for our guests and so we changed the name to cuisine parties, as that really is what people want is a good time and a party to have fun, learn the secrets and love that go into Sicilian gourmet cuisine.

So if your interested in having a ball with 4 or more of your friends, then have them come here and buy a seat in the next cooking classes scheduled. When you get all four slots filled, don’t stop there, lock in the date and then plan to enjoy an amazing time with your friends and us here at Michaels Taste of Sicily. We are certain it will be a blast of Sicilian flavor and amazing memories during our cooking classes.

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“Sicilian Cuisine Party”

$74.95 Per Person

Minimum class size required is 4 — How many are you paying for?

Add Some Spice To Your Party!

Want great espresso after Your Party? This is our favorite at .45 per cup!

This gourmet catering is designed and prepared to perfection to ignite your taste buds with a passion that can only come from authentic Sicilian food prepared from the heart with “Gioia Mia”, which means “My Love” and we love our food and have confidence you will too!

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