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Joey’s Chicken Parmesan

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Joey’s Chicken Parmesan is a dish the whole family will love, as it is Italian comfort food. I got this recipe from Mama Spatafore in New York, but where she got it from is a Sicilian secret. This is made with breaded chicken breasts with our signature marinara, and topped off with mozzarella and of course parmesan imported from Sicily after making some calls to the family to get this special cheese! Sure to be a big hit! Try our catering services today!

Big Al’s Chicken Alfredo

Big Al's Alfredo

Big Al visits now and then from “Jersey” on the family business here, “If Your Know What I Mean”. After visiting clientele, this savory Chicken Alfredo is what he’s really after. Garlic  sautéed in olive oil and Alfredo sauce poured over a bed of fettuccine or your favorite pasta. It is so mouthwatering to the senses and the richness of this sauce will really surprise you. I make a lot because after all he is BIG AL! Try our catering services today!

Sal’s Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala

“Giaio Mia” in Sicilian means “My Love” and this passionate dish is Sal’s true love! With a blend of secret Sicilian style spices that makes the chicken standout, with the earthiness of the delicate mushrooms and cooked with Marsala wine imported direct from Sicily! This is Sal’s favorite and when Sal has a favorite it is everybody’s favorite. I know it will be your favorite too, Great Choice! This actually is our best selling entrée. Try our catering services today!

Uncle Vito’s Veal Parmesan

Joey’s Veal Parmesan

Uncle Vito’s favorite dish and Uncle Vito never smiles, until I make this favorite Italian staple here. Once the flavor hits his taste buds, Uncle Vito is a happy boy again! This a breaded Veal cutlet and you can have it like uncle Vito Crispy or smothered with Mozzarella cheese, covered in secret a marinara. The spice encrusted breading on this tender Veal that is cooked just right will be a absolute delight that will keep you begging for more. Try our catering services today!

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