Business Catering Events That Support Your Business Growth

Business Catering Events

  • Business Catering events are an amazing way for your business to engage with your clients or connect with prospects and grow your business market share.
  • Catering events can even get your name in the evening news and we can schedule a quality professional photographer for your event upon request.
  • Hosting a party shows clients your business is stabile and portrays trust for financial institutions.
  • Corporate Executives use catering services to impress stockholders and board members.
  • Network Marketing Professionals use catering services to grow their organization.

Using food to connect with people has been around for ages as it builds relationships with a personal touch.

Michael’s Taste of Sicily does this better than anyone in the business catering services arena to help businesses grow their organization.

Today business is more complicated with social media and competitive advantage created by the internet of things (IoT).

Take the time to slow things down for your board members, team, clients, or customers to enjoy some gourmet food from a quality chef who brings passion and love to the table in a way only a true Sicilian can deliver.

Today make the change to let us handle your event and deliver delicious food from the soul and heart “Gioa Mia” in the Sicilian style that means “love on a plate”.

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Business catering hosting ideas to obtain more market exposure

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Board Meetings

  • Business Lunches or Dinners

  • Customer Appreciation

  • Golf Tournaments

  • Happy Hour

  • Office or Promotion Parties

  • Product Launches

  • Seminars

  • Shareholders Meetings

  • Team Building

  • Trade Shows

  • Press Conferences

  • VIP Events

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